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Ethos PR…

While few claims that they are the early ones (or oldest) to start an agency we claim that we are young with the early starter's industry competence. Founded in the year 2007 with an aim to be ‘the most respected and trusted PR agency in chennai and the partner of choice to organizations who believe in the power of strong and right message delivery through PR.

Our team of experts, backed by the experienced leadership, work towards this by creating and delivering impressive media and related public relation strategy to our clients. Headquartered in Chennai, Ethos PR is the most preferred PR agencies in chennai with strong network across South India. We had delivered brand visibility, strong brand image and confidence for more than 100 clients across cities in South India.

The clients include some of the largest corporations, conglomerates and institutions as well as bright, young start-ups. We believe relationships are key to sustainable business equally delivering what agreed. We explore creative solutions for each brief with superior execution which is a widely acknowledged strength of Ethos PR.

Our Services

  • Media Monitoring
  • Press Conference
  • Commercial Slot
  • One on One Interviews
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

PR reach and relevant coverage is the ultimate success of any Public relations execution. And tracking the same helps to analyze and measure the PR outcome. We have reasons for you to choose us as a media monitoring partner. We offer you the most comprehensive sector coverage in Chennai.

We monitor the most wide spread list of print media which includes English Mainlines, Financials, Vernacular media and Magazines in order to provide the client best media monitoring solution. Our media monitoring service offers you widespread coverage of news related to direct client, competitor and industry. The tracking sectors can be customized according the need of the client. And we present you the tracking report in most convenient and easy way to access and for multiple use.

A press conference is one of the most commonly used and potent tool to advance the cause of an organization and gain coverage in newspapers, magazines, online portals, blogs, radio and on electronic broadcasts. Rather than sending out press releases, press conferences allow an organization to interact with a roomful of journalists all at once and thus is an effective way to quickly disseminate PR messages.

Press conference could also considered waste of time and money if the press conference is poorly organized and executed. But whatever be the conference - political campaigns, celebrity visibility, emergency conferences and promotional purposes – you plan Ethos PR will be the right choice to achieve the intended purpose.

Broadcast media holds the major role for an effective marketing of any brands or organization. Television advertorials will help you to associate your marketing message with the credibility of the news channel. Many business reaching out to PR professionals to help them to identify right slot in right news channel to communicate their message to their target group.

We have strong contact with the channels and the program producers through which we can help you to achieve good result.

While the other PR tools do its job some time you may have certain message for certain target stakeholder. In such cases face-to-face media interview with the right target media is a good option. Media interview will help to enhance the depth of the story also build a relationship with the reporter. It’s a win-win option for the interviewer and interviewee with respect to the detailed story. It helps to create an opinion on the spokesperson and establish thought leadership. Ethos PR ensures successful implementation of the One on One Interview session based on the clients requirements

Ethos PR successfully implements the One on One Interview session based on the clients choice. This means, the client can choose any selective media service provider or print media to have their interview broadcasted or printed respectively.

We create a perfect atmosphere for the clients press release needs. We guarantee absolute freedom and make you feel that you own the scenario of any press release thats done. This is because of our expert solutions provided in Press Release Distribution. We are capable of making a press release and distributing them through familiar methods of Web & Wire Distribution to any target nation or an entire continent. Our network of channels are a 100% reach in front of any users who search online. Our team has ability to frame content for Press Release with adding some style quotient to the information and help users to get engaged and encourage for a media pickup. This ensures our client a complete package in the content. It will also cater to the press release needs such as new venture announcement, information about a new product, or about the head of an organization.

The brands story when converted to a press release, we make sure that the news gets distributed to hundreds of online distribution points with another hundreds of global contacts connected to Press Release network. The distribution reports are made sure they reach out to client with a thorough analytics report that explains number of impressions for your release.

Some notable press release campaigns that we engage in are,

Launch Release
Events Press Release
Promotion Press release
Executive Announcements

Many more aspects of press release are fulfilled. Be it any source of news media such as news dailys, magazines, online Media, We use all of the available media sources to give our clients a valuable experience in Press Release Distribution Activities.

Ethos PR deliver a press release for its client with an engaging style of content that is drafted perfectly. We can deliver the content faster and can prove to be reliable. Accurate information inside the draft will assure that the content is beguiling.

Press Release Draft :

Based on value of the news and by analysing the warrant of its release We gather key elements relevant to the raw data provided from clients end and make sure it is well received by any journalist. With this involved we have an effective way to draft a content and distribute it for a press release.

Spokes person Profile :

A representative of the clients brand or an organization termed as a spokesperson who will be the proponent for a cause, product and other aspects. We will take full responsibility in drafting a content for any individual with highly reputable style of information depending on the clients scope of raw data provided

The consumers who are transforming much faster to a digital media are beyond our imagination. This drastic changeover depicts an upright process that should be practiced. This is why Digital marketing proves to be a worthy marketing strategy tool to promote a brand. Different ways of digital marketing process help the clients requirement fulfilled where the decisions are precise and effective that shows Digital data are worth it more than sharing opinions physically.

The different type of Digital Marketing services provided by ethos PR are

SEO (Search Engine Optiization)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SMM (Social Media Marketing)
SMO (Social Media Optimization)
E-mail Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

We cater to the needs of the clients digital marketing requirement satisfy them with engaging strategies in Social Media. Some notable Social Media channels alive now are


These channels and much more are covered by implementing strategies such as blogging, video campaigns, Social bookmarks, forums that will be loyal for lifetime.



Ethos PR is extremely responsive and effective and I am Extremely happy about the quality media coverages they generate for my business.

Mr.M.Anandan , Founder , Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd


If you're looking for PR that works and a PR company that are definitely pro-active and dynamic, then Ethos PR is the company you should be calling. Their personable style and industry knowledge, together with a large network of contacts, ensures that they constantly deliver great results in a timely manner.

Dr.Sengottuvelu , Cardiologist , Apollo Hospitals

Ca murali

Ethos PR has been an integral component in our attempt to obtain the necessary entitlements for our project. They have been timely and precise in their responses, creative and insightful in the design and implementation of the program and very easy to work with throughout.

CA.V.Murali , Chairman , SIRC of ICAI

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Founder & Managing Director

Sanjay Babu

Sanjay Babu

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Krishna Kumar Namboodiri

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Dinesh Sundar

Dinesh Sundar

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